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2014 Conference:
"Cover to Cover"

We celebrated our 20th Conference Reunion Homecoming on September 19th and 20th, 2014.  We met at the China Lake Conference Center in lovely China Lake, Maine. Our keynote speaker was Susan Page Davis, our own award-winning and multi-published Maine author and member of the Mane Fellowship of Christian Writers.


(Unfortunately, our 2013 Conference was cancelled.

2012 Conference:
"Writing on Purpose"

The nineteenth Annual Conference  of the Maine Fellowship of Christian Writers was held at our new location, Faith Evangelical Free Church, 250 Kennedy Memorial Boulevard in Waterville, Maine, on Saturday, October 6th.  The conference theme was “Writing on Purpose,” taken from the last part of Ephesians 2:10, “…which God has prepared (planned, purposed) in advance for us to do.”

Our keynote and breakout sessions were designed to inform, build up, equip and encourage, so that you, as God’s masterpiece created in Christ Jesus, would be better able to do His good works in your writing which God purposed for you to do.

Matthew Ouellette, Youth Pastor at the FEF Church, gave two inspiring and well-received keynote addresses. His morning address followed our theme; he spoke on "Practical Points and Publishing" in the afternoon. Pastor Matt's first book, Thoughts That Fell from A Taco Shell, forthcoming from Carmichael Publishing in January. (Click here to read exciting endorsements for Matt's book.)

In addition to the keynote sessions, the conference also included two workshops in the morning and two in the afternoon with
Vicki Corrington, PCC; Genie Dailey of Fine Points Editorial Services; and Susan Blount and Vicki Schad of the MFCW as presenters. Genie also offered critique sessions during the two workshop time slots. Our annual conference favorite, the "Live Writers Society," provided an opportunity for us all to share excerpts of our writing.

The conference began at 9:00 with greetings and opening remarks, and closed with prayer and a commissioning service for all attendees at approximately 5:00 p.m.


What participants in general  loved about the conference:

  • "What a great conference. I got to know three people in the MFCW better. It was a great day."
  • "The topics offered and the speakers applied to many genres: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, etc. I really liked the topics."
  • "Getting to meet other Christian writers, and the emphasis on letting God guide your writing."
  • "Everything. I truly enjoyed my day and felt very comfortable as a first-time attendee... I loved listening to the Live Writers."
  • "The fellowship of being with Christians and sharing our love of Jesus in our writing."
  • "... The encouragement and inspiration..."
  • "The choice of speakers. They are a wealth of information. Experience IS the best teacher!"  
  • "... Organizers' efforts to make all feel welcome."
  • "Time to interact with presenters. No one had to "cram" what they wanted to teach. It was more relaxed."
  • "I liked having fewer workshops and more time in each one. I'd like to see this continue."
  • "People, good hearts, desire to please God with writing."  
  • "All the Christian hospitality. The workshops were all very informative and useful. I loved Matt's lecture and advice on overcoming obstacles." 

In what ways they found the keynote speaker/addresses beneficial:

  • "Seemed like he had the same difficulties we all face. He was interesting, and very easy to associate with."
  • "Made good points in an insightful way. He injected just the right amount of humor."
  • "His talks were brief but full of good, pithy principles for writers. He did a great job!"
  • "Matt did a good job sharing a first time author's experience, and related to writers of all levels."  
  • "He was motivating!"
  • "Excellent speaker  humor  related well  to us all."
  • "Very informative, very encouraging... Great sense of humor."
  • "He made it all so simple."
  • "Good speaker! Well organized and related to the group."
  • "I learned a lot about self-editing, and resources and how to tap into them."
  • "I learned about types of publishing arrangements."
  • "Youthful but wise, and kept us smiling throughout the conference. Can't wait to read his book. He's very relatable and approachable."
  • "God used his story in a personal way to me, dealing with my sister's family, ministering to them. Thank you, Matt."

What participants would like to see at future conferences:

  • "For keynote, someone who has written a book about a personal experience, i.e. Gracia Burnham, Grace Fabian..."
  • "[More] speakers from New England,  various levels of craft/experience."
  • "Would like the conference anthology again..."
  • "Perhaps live music again, a singer or instrumentalist, and group singing?"
  • "To hear people share more of their writing."
  • "Question and answer session with professional people (editors, publishers?) to sit on a panel."
  • "Build in more time for people to talk and get to know one another."
  • "More advertising to encourage more participants."

Comments about our workshops:
Nesting Bowls, Parts 1 and 2  Corrington
  • "Good information."
  • "Made me think about my placement and purpose  of life goals."
  • "Great! It helped me understand why I'm having trouble writing my novel."
  • "Lots of information to process. Very helpful."

     The Writing Christian  Blount

  • "As a home-teaching mother of four, with a "whole passel" of grands, Susan has utilized letter writing for decades. Her Christmas letters alone could be published, and she gave us ideas for writing letters that can make a real difference in our families and in our world."
  • "An affirmation of what I do."

Self-Editing, Parts 1 and 2 Dailey

  •  "Great information on how to self-edit. Informative and interactive."
  • "Lots of helpful, practical information."                       
  • "Great hand-outs. Learned and relearned some valuable lessons."
  • "She published her book Mind Your P's and Q's to give us tips from an editor's point of view, and in person she's a wealth of information."
  • "With her remarkable background and years as an editor, she had a ready answer for any question we threw at her. Very well done."


    Hunting for Treasure  Schad

  • "Excellent presenter!  Interesting topics."
  • "Resolved to write my research work about my mother's high school years."
  • "I'm writing a children's book and love the research part of it. It's exciting!"
  • "A great help!"
  • "Very informative."
  • "Vicki's research approach really surprised me because I had 'research' in my mind as something I didn't like to do. The many resources given made me change my mind."

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