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Our SCHEDULE for 2015 will be available soon.


The Maine Fellowship of Christian Writers (MFCW) has been chugging along for twenty years now. Hard to believe some of us were at our very first conference in 1993! 

We’ve undergone some administrative changes in the past year that will effect our entire schedule, but at the heart of the group our goals remain the same: glorifying God with our writing, continuing to improve our craft, and encouraging each other to enjoy and to persevere in service to Him.

One change came about in part because the winter weather in Maine is so unpredictable and often leads to treacherous driving conditions. As we discussed this, it seemed to make sense to apply the winter change to the entire year. Thus we will hold our corporate meetings on even-numbered months. These will take place in Vassalboro.  If you are interesting in attending, click HERE for further information. 

*Membership and meetings of the MFCW are open to anyone who shares our goals. These are times of fellowship, encouragement, and learning. Participants are urged (but not required) to bring their recent writing for gentle critique. Speakers are invited to bring their published work for a book table. To suggest a potential teacher, click HERE for contact information.

Please note: In the event of very bad weather, click HERE to learn about cancellations. Cancelled meetings are not rescheduled.


On the second Saturday of each even-numbered month we meet from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. at the home of one of our members. In our meetings, we encourage and inspire each other through teachings on a variety of topics, and we provide an opportunity for creative growth in reading and critique sessions. Our desire is to equip and promote writers who seek to communicate the message of Salvation to the world. We begin and end each meeting with prayer, and there's always plenty of time for fellowship and refreshments afterward.

Each year, the Maine Fellowship of Christian Writers holds a one-day conference to encourage and equip writers in their presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the written word. For the first seventeen years, we gathered in the beautiful settings of China Lake in the heart of Maine, and the city of Belfast on the beautiful rock-bound coast. In 2011, we met at a more
centrally-located venue just off Route 95 in Waterville. We will meet there again this year.

Since our first conference in 1994, we've been blessed to have keynote addresses and workshops presented by many experts. This is a partial list :

  • Ruth Axtell Morren, author
  • Rev. Jeanne Breden
  • Rev. Ted Chaffee
  • Rev. Lawrence Chewning, songwriter
  • Dr. Clarine Coffin Grenfell, co-founder
  • Edie Cunningham, author/ABWE
  • Genie Dailey, Editor, Fine Points Editorial Services
  • Susan Page Davis, author
  • Dr. Wil Dowdy, MFCW co-founder
  • Carla Olsen Gade, author
  • Bill Irwin, Appalaichin Trail expert
  • Cecil Murphy, author
  • Yvonne Ortega, author
  • Dr. Ken Parker
  • Jean Ann Pollard, author and expert on gardening and cooking in Maine 
  • Beth Rogers, Author
  • Vicki Reynolds Schad, author
  • Robert and Martha Stevenson, publishers
  • Sally Stuart, Christian Writers Market
  • Karen Weitzel (author/ABWE)
  • Darryl E. Witmer, founder of AIIA Ministries

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